The Best of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park


Highest point: hill of Růžovský vrch – 619 metres above sea level.

Lowest point (at the same time the lowest point in the country): Hřensko – 116 metres above sea level

Largest rock arch: Pravčice Gate (Pravčická brána, largest sandstone rock arch in Europe) – length: 26 m, height: 16 m.

Most interesting rock formation: so-called “Fire Rock” -  sun-shaped formation, most likely created by lightning strike – Bohemian Switzerland is the only place in the world offering this type of rock formation

Tallest tree: spruce by the abandoned village of Zadní Jetřichovice, 54 metres tall (estimated age: 250 years)

Most valuable lichen: Pertusaria – this lichen can only be found in North and East Bohemia and the neighbouring part of Poland; its population has not been observed anywhere else around the globe.

Biggest animal: red deer

Rarest predator: lynx

Rarest rodent: garden dormouse – one of the rarest rodents of the country, one of critically endangered species, included in the Red Book of Endangered and Rare Species in the Czech Republic

Most valuable areas: Růžovský vrch, Ponova louka, Nad Dolským mlýnem, Babylon

Oldest confirmed settlement: settlement of Mesolithic hunters dating back to almost 10,000 years ago; these people were one of the last hunters of Europe

Most popular tourist destinations: Pravčice Gate (Pravčická brána), gorges in the Kamenice River Canyon, House of Bohemian Switzerland

Most famous visitors: Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, German painter Caspar David Friedrich, Emperor Joseph II.

Rock with oldest climbing tradition: „Fortress“, also called Beckstein, by Gabrielle's Trail – Carl Beck and his companions climbed it in 1888, thus making the first sport rock climb in the territory of CR