Via the LužickáSpojka (Lusatian Connecting Route) from the mountains to the centre of Bohemian Switzerland

  • On foot
  • Medium difficulty

Lužická Spojka 1: Jedlová TRAIN – Tolštejn Castle 2.5 – Jedlová, lodge and lookout tower 5.5 - Chřibská train station 10 – Rybniště TRAIN 13- Karlova Výšina highland, lookout tower 16 – Krásná Lípa, town square 22 - TRAIN 23 km

The conveniently located Jedlová train station with an elevation of 550 metres above sea level allows for an expeditious departure along the Tolštejnská Cesta road (bicycle route 3015), ending with a beautiful mountain alleyway beneath the grandiose cliffs of Tolštejn. There is a detour onto the red route to the summit, along the castle ruins and past the castle restaurant to the summit of the cliff (paid admission) at 670 m; the panoramic view is blocked on the east by Pěnkavčí Vrch (Finch Hill) and on the west by Jedlová.

Return downward beneath the castle, and continue all the way to Krásná Lípa along the Lužická Spojka ridge route (red route), marked by the KČT Czech Tourists Club in 2013 as a link between the northern-Bohemian Hřebenovky (Ridgeways) and the German Oberlausitzer Bergweg. Follow the ascent along a paved path, ending an asphalt road along the western slope of Jedlová. From here, there is an excellent view of the landscape of the western part of the Lusatian Mountains, Studenec, Růžák Hill, the Jetřichovice Cliffs, and Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland. Continue along the asphalt turnoff to the forested plateau summit of Jedlová 774 m (renovated lodge with accommodations, renovated lookout tower, renovated Schiller Memorial, ski slopes, option of scooter rides to Jířetín). There is an admission fee for the lookout tower, which offers one of the most beautiful views in northern Bohemia, far into the interior (Bezděz), and of Lužice.

Return by descent along the western slope. The marked route descends further along the northern slope of Jedlová with continuous views of the Šluknov promontory and of Bohemian Switzerland. There is a somewhat steeper descent along the ski slopes to the crossroads and to the edge of the forest in the Jedlová hamlet. Continue past several cottages and lodges (options for quick refreshments), and continuing expansive forests to the crossroads with the blue route at the Chřibská train station, which is about 400 m from here, as is the Relax guest house and restaurant. From here, the blue route leads 4.5 km to the town of Chřibská through beautiful forests via Horní Chřibská.

The red route also continues through forests, approximately 300 m along a low-traffic road past a sawmill and then to a stream along forest paths at the foot of Plešivec to road No. 263 in Rybniště. Just like the entire Lužická Spojka route, Rybniště is situated on the watershed area of the Baltic and Black Seas. There is also a junction of hiking routes by the train station in Rybniště. Train connections include lines to Liberec through Varnsdorf and Zittau to Rumburk through Krásná Lípa and to Česká Lípa and Doksy, or to Děčín through Jedlová.

The route leads along the railroad tracks and past the last houses in Rybniště, and then leads upward to the forest. Through the forest, it continues to Farský Pramen (Parish Spring), a spring with potable water. Soon, there is a detour along the yellow route to Karlova Výšina highland 586 m; the Krásná Lípa KČT Czech Tourist Club restored access to the lookout tower and the viewing platform itself in 2013. From the railings to the stone walls, there are beautiful views of Doubice, a mountain resort on the border between the Lusatian Mountains and the Elbe sandstone formations. Return via the yellow markers to the Lužická Spojka.

The Spojka descends together with bicycle route 211 to the road to the Vápenka crossroads. From here, continue north together with the Kögler nature trail, the oldest in Bohemia, via a wide forest path. We leave the forest and begin a slight descent among the cottages of the hamlet of Kamenná Horka to the town forest (forest park), and through it past a cemetery to the crossroads at the Bohemian Switzerland House to the Krásná Lípa town square. Here, there is a hotel, brewery, chocolate factory, and sports centre. Continue along the green route through the city to the Krásná Lípa train station, where the route ends.

Route options:

Main route - Lužická Spojka 1: Jedlová TRAIN – Tolštejn Castle 2.5 – Jedlová, lodge and lookout tower 5.5 - Chřibská train station 10 – Rybniště TRAIN 13- Karlova Výšina highland, lookout tower 16 – Krásná Lípa, town square 22 - TRAIN 23 km

Variant 1 - Jedlová TRAIN – Tolštejn – Jedlová – Jedlová TRAIN 8 km

Variant 2 - Rybniště TRAIN - Karlova Výšina highland – Krásná Lípa TRAIN 10 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • Medium difficulty


  • Bitumen
  • Beaten forest path

Higest Altitude: 

0 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

0 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

0 m

Path length: 

23 km

Time requirements: 

7 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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