To the most beautiful views and cliffs of Backcountry Saxon Switzerland

  • On foot
  • For experienced walkers

(Mikulášovice, střed – Weifberg -) Hinterhermsdorf BUS STOP – Grosses Pohlshorn 4 – Teichstein 6.5 – Zeughaus 8.5 – Goldstein 9.5 – Gr. Winterberg 13 – Kipphorn 14 – Schmilka TRAIN STOP 17

Hinterhermsdorf – Zeughaus green route:

We walk through town between old and beautifully restored houses in the opposite direction of our arrival by bus, and on the left side at the end of HH in a garden is a small campground. We turn left off of the road along a forest path with good footing continuing west the entire day. We are following the markers for Grosses Pohlshorn. The forest trails lead us to the edge of a cliff promontory with railings and a view of the forests and cliffs surrounding Křinice Valley. We descend toward the valley via a steep forest trail all the way to a crossroads. Our path crosses over a bridge and once again ascends steeply along a forest trail between rock formations to a tall forest, where there is a detour to Teichstein (do not skip this!). Continue at first through a forest, then along a rocky ridge (there are chains in places, but it is safe), and if you do not stray from the path, you will reach the western edge of the Teichstein cliff formation. The views of the forests and cliffs of the Grosse Zschand area are majestic. We can even see Tanečnice and Jedlová. Rising opposite us are the cliffs and forests surrounding Great Winterberg, through which our path will lead.

After returning to the crossroads, we descend through the forest to the secluded Zeughaus. This location also houses a small, self-service Saxon Switzerland national park information centre.

After a rest (beware: the wait at the restaurant is long), we continue along the blue route to Grosser Winterberg.

The old Rosssteig hiking route climbs quite steeply through the forest - later with beautiful, tall beech trees - to a forested plateau, where we soon take the turnoff indicated by the markers for the Goldstein lookout tower. The view from the cliffs of the Great Zschand Ravine, Růžák Hill, and the Lusatian Mountains is another one of the marvellous destinations of this hike.

We continue along forest paths, later in close proximity to the Czech border, along an unmaintained trail - once the famed Fremdenweg trail that connected the nearby Pravčická Gate with the summit of Great Winterberg and the Kuhstall rock gate, finishing with a somewhat steeper path through a beech forest to the basalt Grosser Winterberg with its renowned historic hotel and lookout tower (excellent cuisine). The view from the lookout tower is unfortunately obscured by tall trees.

At the summit, there is another self-service centre of Saxon Switzerland national park, Eishaus.

We descend from Winterberg along the Winterbergstrasse road. Take the turnoff to the left in the direction of Kipphorn. The path leads us to a crag jutting from the forests with a surprising view of the entire left-shore side of the Elbe sandstone formations with the German table mountains and Děčinský Sněžník. The view of the Elbe River far below and of Lilienstein is very impressive.

We return along the road to a fork and continue according to the green marker along the Bergpfad trail, walking downward along numerous wooden steps to the romantic border town of Schmilka, once a small village, now a resort with old timbered houses. Here, there is a mill, bakery, and many food and drink options.

We continue downward to the road (to the left 2 km to Hřensko) and to the ferry that takes us to the left bank of the Elbe River to the Schmilka-Hirschmühle train stop. Looking back, beautiful views unfold over the Elbe River to Schmilka as well as of the rocky ridges surrounding Grosser Winterberg (Schrammsteine).

Places of interest on the route:
Weifberg lookout tower
Hinterhermsdorf – half-timbered houses
Haus des Gastes Hinterhermsdorf Haus des Gastes Hinterhermsdorf
Heimatstube Hinterhermsdorf
Pohlshorn rock formations, Teichstein, Goldstein with its views
The secluded Zeughaus in the Grosser Zschand Valley
Zeughaus information centre
Eishaus information centre
Grosser Winterberg Mountain with its lookout tower and restaurant
The former fishing village of Schmilka

Route options:

Main route - (Mikulášovice, střed – Weifberg -) Hinterhermsdorf BUS STOP – Grosses Pohlshorn 4 – Teichstein 6.5 – Zeughaus 8.5 – Goldstein 9.5 – Gr. Winterberg 13 – Kipphorn 14 – Schmilka TRAIN STOP 17

Variant 1 - Hinterhermsdorf BUS STOP– Pohlshorn – Teichstein – Zeughaus – Neumannmühle BUS STOP 11 km

Variant 2 - Neumannmühle BUS STOP – Zeughaus – Goldstein – Gr. Winterberg – Kipphorn – Schmilka TRAIN 11 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For experienced walkers

Higest Altitude: 

548 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

128 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

680 m

Path length: 

17 km

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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