From the Czech Elbe over the highest peak in Saxon Switzerland to the German Elbe

Dolní Žleb TRAIN – U Buku crossroad 3.7 km - Gateway to Bohemia border crossing G, Y 5.5 km -– Grosser Zschirnstein 562 m 8 km – crossroad between Zschirnstein 9.5 km – Kleingiesshübel BUS - crossroad below Kohlbornstein 15 km– Kohlbornstein and back crossroad 16.5 km - Krippen – Krippen VLAK 21 km

Path through deep forests. In the middle of Dolní Žleb after the church there is a yellow marker. Head upwards past the old houses, then follow the steep stone path through Koňák (Hluboký důl) to the end of the valley and into the forests near Maxičky, U Buku crossroad. Then follow the green route north through the forest with no major ups or downs across the border (Gateway to Bohemia) to the yellow trail in Germany.

Follow the yellow markers until you reach the Kreusels Eiche memorial oak and then go on along the main road following the Gr. Zschirnstein arrows, then take the path left onto an elongated mountain plateau and in the opposite direction towards the south, to the raised edge of the huge sandstone mass of Großer Zschirnstein (Mittagsstein); the rocks below us are as high as 80 m. There is a stunning distant view of the Czech mountains, the rocks of the Elbe canyon, Bohemian Switzerland, etc., and over to the sea of forests towards Děčínský Sněžník and the Ore Mountains.

Keep going following the red circle marker, on down through a birch wood, then along the old forest trails to the small village of Kleingiesshübel. Looming above the village is Kleiner Zschirnstein, and opening up from the rocks at its edge there are views of the table mountains.

The route leads through the village; follow the asphalt road down to the road leading into Krippenbach valley, then follow the markers up through the woods and along the eastern slope of Laasenstein to the crossroad with the signpost to Kohlbornstein. The turn-off to the viewpoint that was restored a few years ago is worth checking out. From the edge of the rock there is a view down into the deep valley and the village of Krippen, behind which you can see the Elbe and the Schrammsteine rocks.

After returning to the path, follow the red markers down to the road, then follow than for around 1.5 km through the neat village of Krippen (restored and repaired after the floods in 2002 and 2013) as far as the railway line (from it a meadow and the River Elbe – beautiful views of Bad Schandau, Schrammsteine and the local part of Postelwitz on the other side of the river.

Follow the road alongside the railway track (heading west) for 0.5. km to Krippen train station. You can catch a train towards Děčín or in the opposite direction towards Bad Schandau, Rumburk.

Refreshments along route:

Practically none; there is a tourist restaurant in Kleingiesshübel, but no other hotels or restaurants until Krippen at the end of the hike. E.g. Zur Eiche.


Accommodation available:

Zur Eiche


Hotel Ostrov


Places of interest along route :

Dolní Žleb
Elbe canyon between Děčín and Hřensko
Gr. Zschirmstein, the highest point in Saxon Switzerland
Kohlbornstein – viewpoint

Higest Altitude: 

548 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

124 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

1532 m

Path length: 

21 km

Time requirements: 

7-8 hours/studen/hodin

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free

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Překlad: tvůj diplom: 


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