By the stone chapel to the enchanting ravine beneath Strážiště

  • On foot
  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers

Jetřichovice BUS STOP – Hotel Bellevue – Všemily, chapel 3 - Svinské Doly, blue route 5 – trail fork above Filipov 7 – beneath Strážiště 8.5 – Srbská Kamenice BUS STOP 11 (incl. loop trail around the church and return to the bus stop)

The route begins in Jetřichovice, the central resort of Bohemian Switzerland. It ascends past the Hotel Bellevue (with a small swimming pool in the summer), leading through a meadow to a bend in the road (with a rock formation reminiscent of a stalactite or hourglass – Cavalry Chapel rock recess). The route continues through a forest ravine upwards around a number of cabins at the edge of the Folga plain (stone chapel of St. Anthony of Padua), then another bend in the road. Follow along the edge of Folga with its views of Mount Růžák, then turn left, downward through the ravine, and descend to the first cottages of the town of Všemily. At the very beginning of town, there is a unique rock chapel unlike any other in the region. Behind it stands the building of the former school, very well maintained (today utilised as a cottage). The route leads through the Chřibská Kamenice valley, with a number of folk buildings. The marked route follows a footbridge over a stream and crosses the Jetřichovice-Děčín thoroughfare. It ascends to the southwest through meadows to a forest, through which it leads to the valley of Prasečí Stream (usually dry). Approximately 1.5 km past the road, we find ourselves at a crossroads with the blue route coming from the left (from the west) from Dolský Mill. There are a number of bunkers in the area (nicknamed "řopíks") that date back to the 1930s. Nearby are two furnished "Řopík" fortresses (open on weekends in the summer), and a mini-trail to the building of a defensive line from 1938.

Continue another 2 km along the blue route through the forest, with some occasional rock formations, forward through the valley, then follow a fairly steep ascent upwards to the edge of the meadows by Filipov. A view unfolds of the volcanic hills surrounding Česká Kamenná, including Zámecký Hill (Castle Hill) with its castle ruins.

The road from Filipov ends here. To the right, along the markers (to the yellow route), continue west along the edge of the forest with views of Strážiště Hill, then hike through the forest on its right slopes, continuing along a slight ascent. After 1.5 km, this connecting trail brings us to the yellow route coming from the left (from the south) from Jánská.

Descend steeply along the yellow route through a ravine to a marked detour to the lookout over a pond. Do not skip this detour – there is a beautiful view of Srbská Kamenice with its church, and of Růžák Hill from the cliff. There is also a small sandstone cave by the cliff. The cave served as a hideout during the Thirty Years War.

Return to the yellow route. Take the path past the Arba Reserve, and cross a bridge over Kamenice River, straight to the centre of Srbská Kamenice, the 2013 Ústí Region's Most Beautiful Village, where you will find a bus stop and information centre with a number of interesting expositions.

It is worth your time to take the short, approximately 1.5 km loop: Follow the green route to the church, down to the rock relief, and back along the road to the information centre. We recommend a visit to the local nature trail and renovated forest theatre by crossing the bridge over the Kamenice River (by the municipal office, built in 2015, or ask for directions at the information centre). Theatrical plays are presented here in the summer months.

Places of interest on the route:
Všemily a skalní kaple
Srbská Kamenice
St. Wenceslas Church in Srbská Kamenice
bunkry u Srbské Kamenice
lookout over the pond
nature trails in town
přírodní rezervace Arba
lesní divadlo
Svinské Doly
Strážiště Hill


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For families with children
  • For beginner walkers


  • Beaten forest path

Higest Altitude: 

411 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

209 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

366 m

Path length: 

11 km

Time requirements: 

5 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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