Along the AlteHoheStrasse scenic route and PanaromatickáCesta (Panoramic Road) to Bad Schandau

  • On foot
  • Medium difficulty

Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Waldhaus, BUS STOP 3.5 - crossroads at the road to Ottendorf 5.5 – Lichtenhain 10 - Mittelndorf 13.5 – Altendorf 16 – Schlossbastei 20 - Bad Schandau, ferry 21 – Bad Schandau, TRAIN STOP 22

A scenic route along the former Alte Hohe Strasse trail. This is a medieval trade route that linked the port of Bad Schandau with Mikulašovice, Lobendava, and Horní Lužice. In German territories, it is now referred to as the Panoramaweg hiking route, travelling mostly through meadows, with spectacular views of the Lusatian Mountains, rear Bohemian Switzerland, and up-close views of the Affenstiene and Schrammenstaine cliffs and the table mountains from an unusual angle.

From Mikulášovice, we set off along the directional markers for Tanečnice (The Dancer). Cross the railroad crossing and head upward on the small road between meadows (bicycle route 3041A) to the forest. An intersection with the Zlodějská Cesta (Thieves Road) – Tanečnice blue route. From here, we continue on the yellow route. Remain on the road. Through the forest, we come to the mountain hamlet of Tomášov with a bungalow camp and restaurant. The road becomes a wagon trail. Follow the trail downward across the border into meadows, and at the Waldhaus inn we cross the Sebnitz – Saupfsdorf road (bus stop).

Here, we continue along the route of the historic Alte Hohe Strasse. From here we continue along the arrows for Panoramaweg (usually labelled with a yellow circle) to our hike's final destination, continuing more or less to the west the rest of the way. The wagon trail leads through meadows and continuous views to the rock formation area surrounding Křinice Valley and Winterberg, and looking back, we can see as far as Studenec and Jedlová. Detouring from the route, there is an ascent to a lookout pavilion, and then we set off again along the route (view on the right of Ottendorf), through meadows to an intersection with the road (its highest point) with a bus stop (Hertigswalde, Siedlung). Rest area, views.

(A shorter variant from here descends to the north along the green route to the district town of Sebnitz, where you can visit the artificial flower factory (Deutsche Kunstblume) city museum with its exposition, Afrika-Haus, in a beautiful half-timbered house. The town square is 3 km from the turnoff from Panoramaweg along the green route, and then it is another approximately 700 m to the train station on the U 28 line of the National Park Railway.)

The path ascends gradually to the forest, with final views to the east of the Lusatian Mountains. Continue through the forest beneath the summit of Hochbusch, where a lookout tower and restaurant once stood. We are joined from the right by the red route from Sebnitz. The route descends through the forest to the edge of some meadows. There is a beautiful view of Lilienstein, Königstein, Lichtenhain, and the rock formations surrounding Winterberg. We head downward along meadow trails to the town of Lichtenhain with its pleasant Baroque church and preserved timbered and half-timbered houses.

The Berghof hotel is located in an old German farmhouse behind the church. There is a magnificent view of the rock formations surrounding the Křinice Valley and of Winterberg from the terrace.

The Panoramaweg route leads along an asphalt road, later on a paved path through meadows with views, then along a trail at the edge of a forest with a number of serpentines, and again through meadows – up-close views of the Blosstok rock promontory in the Affensteine cliffs. We come to a family campground at the edge of another town on the Alte Hohe Strasse, Mittelndorf. Here, we transect Route No. 12. The route leads through town between houses, but does not touch the main road, which leads parallel to us along the right hand side. Continue along meadows, with views of Schrammenstiene and Falkensteine, and on the edge of a field along the road to Altendorf. Walk on the road a few hundred metres through town. The route (or Panoramaweg directional marker) once again heads left off of the road, immediately before the restaurant Heiterer Blick, which is further along on the left side of the road, on the lower end of Altendorf.

We recommend visiting the restaurant parking lot with the lookout terrace – there is an excellent view of the table mountains of Saxon Switzerland.

The Panoramaweg heads further along meadows and forest, across a parking lot and the cottage hamlet of Kiefefricht to a narrow, forested rocky ridge (below us on the left is the Křinice Valley) with its artificial castle ruins – no view. The ridge ends in a slope, by which we descend via trail to the Schlossbastei lookout. The lookout offers a direct view of the centre of Bad Schandau with the Elbe River and Lilienstein. Follow the steps downward into the city, to the town square and riverbank. From here, take the ferry to the train station on the left bank of the Elbe River.

Places of interest on the route:
Alte Hohe Strasse
Bad Schandau
Nationalparkzentrum Bad Schandau
Toskana Therme spa, Bad Schandau
Sebnitz Museum
Sebnitz museum of artificial flower manufacture
KräuterVital Bad Spa Sebnitz

Route options:

Main route - Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Waldhaus, BUS STOP 3.5 - crossroads at the road to Ottendorf 5.5 – Lichtenhain 10 - Mittelndorf 13.5 – Altendorf 16 – Schlossbastei 20 - Bad Schandau, ferry 21 – Bad Schandau, TRAIN STOP 22

Variant 1 - Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Waldhaus, BUS STOP – Alte Hohe Strasse – Sebnitz, train station TRAIN STOP 9.5 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

506 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

120 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

362 m

Path length: 

21.4 km

Time requirements: 

6-9 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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