Across the promontory to the German train via the LužickáSpojka (Lusatian Connecting Route)

  • On foot
  • Medium difficulty

Lužická Spojka 2: Krásná Lípa TRAIN STATION – Vlčí (Wolf) Mountain – Brtníky BUS, TRAIN STOPS 10 – Hrazený – Šluknov BUS, TRAIN STOPS 21 – Bettelmannstein 25.5 - Taubenheim TRAIN STATION 27 km

The Lužická Spojka (Lusatian Connecting Route) continues from Krásná Lípa to where the first section leads from Jedlová as Route No. 6.

Set off along the red route to Bettelmannstein, and then continue on the German green route to Taubenheim.

1st section to Brtník: Head from Krásná Lípa across town to the Krásný Buk district, upward to the forest past the remnants of Krásný Buk Castle and to the hamlet of Sněžná, with its small private arboretum. A path leads past the chapel at Sněžná (view of Vlčí/Wolf Mountain and the Lusatian Mountains) through rolling terrain to the hamlet of Vlčí Hora, one of the most beautiful towns in the Sudetenland.

Head to the right past Nobilis Tilia to the forest, and climb Vlčí Hora. The unique, old lookout tower atop the dominating basalt summit of the Šluknov promontory offers panoramic views (Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland, Upper Lusatia, the Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd, the Jizerské Mountains, and the Krkonoše Mountains).

Follow the descent through the forest to the west to the stations of the cross, and the descent into Brtník. This is the departure point for Western Bohemian Switzerland and the boats in Křinice Gorge (Obere Schleuse). You may take the bus or the train to return to Krasná Lípa or Rumburk. (10 km)

The 2nd section leads from Brtník upward through a meadow to the forest for the ascent beneath Plešný and along a beautiful trail to the Zelený Kříž (Green Cross) crossroads (crossroads with Route No. 1). From here, it is best to take the green route to the crossroads beneath Hrazený (the highest summit of the Šluknov promontory), and continue along the turnoff for Volský Kámen (Ox Rock) with its view of Šluknov, and descend along the red turnoff to the former camp complex at Kunratice (mountain meadows, beautiful scenery). Head downward through the forest along the road to the Kunratice arboretum (accessible only upon prior arrangement), and continue right, along a trail through the meadow and forest to the former Čítkův Mill. From here, take the forest trail to the ruins of the former Karlovo Údolí spa and hotel.

The route leads further along a tree-lined alleyway into meadows and to the edge of Šluknov, where there is a turnoff for the stations of the cross and a descent to the town square. A rest stop, with options for food and drink, possibly a tour of the chateau nearby. The red route sets off from the city along the road north, toward Rožany. Directly before Rožany, the trail makes a right hand turn into the forest, from the edge of which there are views of Rožany and the hills of Upper Lusatia. There are nice half-timbered houses on the side of the road. Head further though a beautiful forest, where we cross the national border, and begin a slow descent to the Bettelmannstein memorial, where the Czech red route ends.

Continue along the German green route, always north, to meadows (views) and along the well-maintained route to Taubenheim. There is a swimming area close to the path on the right hand side in Taubenheim. Take the asphalt road between tidy houses to the Taubenheim train station on the Dresden – Zittau line. (17 km)

LIBNET tickets valid (pre-purchased in the Czech Republic), Labe-Elbe tickets not valid!!

Return by train to Ebersbach and by bus to Rumburk to additional connections. Interesting fact: The train transects the approximately 1-km wide Fukovský promontory.

Places of interest on the route:
Sněžná, church, arboretum
Nobilis Tilia
Köglerova Naučná Stezka nature trail
The hamlet of Vlčí Hora
Vlčí Hora lookout tower, history, and opening hours
Arboretum Kunratice
Karlovo Údolí
Šluknov with its chateau and stations of the cross
The town of Taubenheim with its sun dial

Route options:

Main route - Lužická Spojka 2: Krásná Lípa TRAIN STATION – Vlčí (Wolf) Mountain – Brtníky BUS, TRAIN STOPS 10 – Hrazený – Šluknov BUS, TRAIN STOPS 21 – Bettelmannstein 25.5 - Taubenheim TRAIN STATION 27 km

Variant 1 - Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Krásná Lípa TRAIN STATION – Vlčí Hora – Brtníky BUS STOP, TRAIN STATION 10 km

Variant 2 - Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Brtníky BUS, TRAIN STOPS – Hrazený – Šluknov BUS, TRAIN STOPS – Taubenheim TRAIN STATION 17 km

Variant 3 - Mikulášovice, střed BUS, TRAIN STOP - Tomášov – Šluknov, BUS, TRAIN STOPS – Bettelmannstein and back 10 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

603 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

307 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

655 m

Path length: 

28 km

Time requirements: 

9 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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