Protected areas

Saxon Switzerland National Park

The national park was established in 1990 and covers an area of 93 km2. This territory is one of the most valuable and stricly protected parts (core) of the National Park, where natural forests have been preserved... (more)

The Elbe Sandstones Protected Landscape Area

The Elbe SandstonesThe PLA was established in 1972 to protect the sandstone landscape, the extensive natural forests as well as cultural monuments, especially vernacular architecture, and it originally covered an area of 324 km2... (more)

The Lusatian Mountains Protected Landscape Area

The Lusatian MountainsThe PLA was established in 1975 and covers and area of 267 km². The western part of the Lusatian Mountains is characterised by a high number of volcanic bodies ... (more)

Natural monuments and nature preservers

... (more)