The fauna of Bohemian Switzerland

The term “national park” refers to a very valuable natural area, which we protect because of the rare animal species living in the territory and untouched natural locations found here. The inaccessible rocks and forests are home to a number of endangered animal species.

In terms of the fauna, the insects seem to be described best; a number of rare and interesting species have been identified in the territory of Bohemian Switzerland. For example, they include one of our largest spring beetles, the critically endangered stag beetle, the rare longhorn beetle or the remarkable sightings of grasshopper mountain species.

Růžovský vrch represents a location with a unique occurrence of earthworms (Lumbricidae) – in addition to other species, 4 species identified on this site cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The biotopes with the highest occurrence of animals are water areas and wetlands. The species observed in the Kamenice and Křinice Rivers include mammals such as the Eurasian otter and the water shrew, bird species such as the common kingfisher, dipper, winter  wagtail, and fish species such as the brown trout, grayling and bullhead. In1995, the program for the reintroduction of the Atlantic salmon was launched to bring success in the form of the return of the first salmon in the autumn of 1998 and 2002. In recent years, regular sightings have been reported of the European Beaver in the Elbe. About 2 braces of the black stork also regularly nest in the area.

The rock cliffs, towers and plains are the typical habitats of the beech marten, Alpine chamois, fat dormouse, the rare garden dormouse and common noctule.

As for bird of prey, the critically endangered peregrine falcon has regularly nested here in recent years. Bohemian Switzerland is also a traditional rearing ground for the eagle owl and Tengmalm’s owl.

The beech forests provide shelter to the red deer and wild boar, with rare occurrence of the lynx.