To the most beautiful sacred buildings of the Lusatian borderlands

  • On foot
  • For beginner walkers
  • Medium difficulty

Krásná Lípa, TRAIN – Dymník 4 – Rumburg Revolt memorial 7 - Rumburk, Loreta – Rumburk, town square 10 - Filipov, basilica, BUS STOP 16 km

The route will reveal views of Rumburk and the Lusatian mountains from the lookout towers at Dymník, creating a surprise at the end, since the final destination is Rumburk itself with its town square and Loreta. Past the next lookout tower on Strážný Vrch (Sentry Hill) the route comes to the Filipov basilica on the border with Germany, the final destination of the route.

The blue route (that leads us for the entire route) departs from the train station in Krásná Lípa, along the railroad tracks to the forest, through which we climb (a short detour via trail markers from Dymnik restaurant) to the Dymník lookout tower, built in 1896, maintained by the Krásná Lípa KČT Czech Tourist Club (admission fee, make note of opening hours). There are excellent views of the Lusatian Mountains from the north, the Lusatian Highland with Vlčí Hora (Wolf Mountain), Tanečnice (The Dancer), Kottmar, of the city of Rumburk, and as far as Ještěd, and the Jizerské and Krkonoše Mountains.

The blue route descends from Dymník restaurant through the forest to the Podhájí city district, where there is an approximately 1 kilometre long detour to the Rumburk Revolt memorial. We then continue through Rumburk itself to Lusatian Square with its plague column dating back to 1681, and houses with arcades. Here, we take a detour through the pedestrian zone, approximately 500 m to Loreta (from the Alps, the northernmost Loretto chapel), which is accessible year-round, along with the Baroque St. Lawrence Capuchin Monastery (unique Holy Stairs, numerous expositions in the cloisters, and an exposition of Šluknov religious art).

After returning to the square, which offers a diverse variety of options for food and drink, we once again take the blue route to the climb to Strážný Vrch with the Baroque St. John the Baptist Chapel (now belonging to the Orthodox religious community) and the Stations of the Cross from 1900.

From Strážný Vrch a view of the summits of the Lusatian Mountains unfolds (such as Jedlová, Tolštejn, Luž, Hvozd, Ještěd).

The blue markers then lead us through mostly open terrain along the road to Filipov to the pseudo-Romantic Virgin Mary of Succour basilica, one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in northern Bohemia.

There you will find the Jiříkov, Filipov, bazilika bus stop for the return to Rumburk and Krásná Lípa.

Places of interest on the route:
Dymník lookout tower
Rumburk Revolt memorial
Rumburk square plague column
Loreta and the Capuchin monastery
The Holy Stairs in the monastery
The Bethlehems of Rumburk
Strážný Vrch with its chapel
The basilica in Filipov

Route options:

Main route - Krásná Lípa, TRAIN – Dymník 4 – Rumburg Revolt memorial 7 - Rumburk, Loreta – Rumburk, town square 10 - Filipov, basilica, BUS STOP 16 km

Variant 1 - Jedlová TRAIN – Tolštejn – Jedlová – Jedlová TRAIN 8 km

Variant 2 - Rybniště TRAIN - Karlova Výšina highland – Krásná Lípa TRAIN 10 km


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For beginner walkers
  • Medium difficulty


  • Beaten forest path

Higest Altitude: 

511 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

374 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

316 m

Path length: 

16 km

Time requirements: 

5 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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