To the Czech Fujiyama and into the Elbe Canyon

  • On foot
  • For experienced walkers
  • Medium difficulty

Srbská Kamenice BUS STOP – Mount Růžák 3.5 – Pastevní Vrch (Pastoral Hill) 8.5 – Růžová 10 - Janov, lookout tower 13.5 – Janov 14 – Elbe lookout tower 17.5 – Hřensko BUS STOP 18 km

There is an information centre located at the Srbská Kamenice-Pošta bus stop with plenty of good tips that also always has a nice exhibition on display. The town of Srbská Kamenice (2013 Ústí Region Village of the Year) with its notable St. Wenceslas Church and unique nature trail for children and adults alike is the starting point for yellow markers that lead the way for the entire route to Hřensko. The route ascends through meadows and later a beech forest on its way to the most beautiful volcanic summit in all of Bohemian Switzerland. Růžák (Růžový Hill, 619 m) peeks above the autumn morning mists like a volcano.

Růžák is located in Zone 1 of the National Park and in the Růžák National Nature Reserve. There is no view from the summit, as the hill is blanketed by a beech forest; the former cabin and lookout tower were never renovated. The marked route descends along the northern slope. A paved path leads from the northern trail fork beneath Růžák through forest and open terrain to a road with a small parking lot at the eastern edge of Růžová.

From here, we can ascend along a nature trail to the bare peak of Pastevní Hill (Pastoral Hill) in 10 minutes. The reward is a 360-degree view of the table mountains of Saxon Switzerland, Křídelní Stěny (Winged Walls) with Velký Winterberg, the Jetřichovice Cliffs, and the Lusatian Mountains. A once-popular daytrip restaurant closed after the expulsion of the Germans.

The route leads through Růžová by the Baroque church, where there is a bus stop, and continues by the Pod Kostelem restaurant on its northern end and from the Hájenka crossroads (the green route turnoff to Mezná through Soutěsky), walks past a golf course in beautiful natural scenery to the town of Janov.

The golf course is accessible to the general public, and appointments can be made for short introductory courses with a trainer. A clubhouse with refreshments is also open to the public.

Above the grounds, a publicly-accessible lookout tower with an excellent view of Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland stands on the forested summit of Janovský Hill (Clary-Berg). The view is even more expansive than that from Pastevní Hill. Of particular note is the view of the cliff masses beneath Velký Winterberg to the cliffs of Schrammsteine and the Křídelní Stěny (one can even see the Falcon's Nest chateau at Pravčická Gate). It is a short descent to Janov and through meadows to the centre of town.

Janov offers the opportunity for refreshments at a number of guest houses. The route extends further past the former windmill, behind which are expansive meadows with a view towards the Křídelní Stěny, and through the forest to Hřensko, the historic gates of Bohemian Switzerland. The marked route finishes with a descent from the Elbe lookout tower (view of Elbe Canyon, Hřensko, and the Schrammsteine cliffs), where it ends at the ferry on the waterfront in Hřensko.

The route is very diverse, hilltops of volcanic origin are replaced in the second half by extensive views of the table mountains. The climax of the route is the view from the Elbe lookout tower, once one of the most famous excursion destinations of the Hřensko area, overlooking the Elbe valley and a descent to the busiest resort of Bohemian Switzerland. Hřensko offers the option of continuing on the ferry to, for instance, the left waterfront of the Elbe and to destinations in Saxon Switzerland (the Kaiserkrone and Zirkelstein table mountains).

Places of interest on the route:
Srbská Kamenice
St. Wenceslas Church in Srbská Kamenice
Růžák National Nature Reserve
Pastoral Hill lookout tower
Janov golf course
Janov lookout tower
Elbe lookout tower over Hřensko
Elbe River Canyon near Hřensko

Route options:

Main route - Srbská Kamenice BUS STOP – Mount Růžák 3.5 – Pastevní Vrch (Pastoral Hill) 8.5 – Růžová 10 - Janov, lookout tower 13.5 – Janov 14 – Elbe lookout tower 17.5 – Hřensko BUS STOP 18 km

Variant 1 - Srbská Kamenice BUS STOP – Růžák – Pastevní Hill – Růžová BUS STOP, 10 km

Variant 2 - Hájenky BUS STOP - Janov lookout tower - Labská lookout tower – Hřensko BUS STOP, 7 km: A short, several-hour excursion which, by using the bus, allows you to savour the views surrounding Janov and is appropriate for less-able tourists as well.


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For experienced walkers
  • Medium difficulty


  • Beaten forest path

Higest Altitude: 

610 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

127 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

646 m

Path length: 

18 km

Time requirements: 

6 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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