Through the most beautiful areas of Backcountry Bohemian Switzerland (one-and-a-half day route)

  • On foot
  • For experienced walkers

Rynartice BUS STOP – Na Tokání 5 km – Panenská Jedle (Virgin Spruce) 9.5 km - Černá Brána (Black Gate) 12 km – Hadí Pramen (Snake Spring) 15,5 km – Vlčí Deska (Wolves' Plaque) - Niedermühle 16 km – Horní Splav (Upper Wier) 17.5 km – Křinice Gorge - Zadní Jetřichovice 22.5 km – Mezní Louka BUS STOP 28 km

The route reveals an enchanting world of sandstone ravines and gorges, including travel by boat in the German section of the Křinice Gorge (Horní Splav/Obere Schleuse/Upper Weir). Due to its difficulty, we recommend planning the route as a two-day weekend journey with an overnight stay at one of the tourist guest houses in the Na Tokání secluded area.

For access to the route as well as for departure, you may use the 434 tourist bus line, which runs daily in July and August, for other dates from April through October on Saturdays, Sundays, and on holidays.

For the Rynartice – Vlčí Deska (Wolves' Plaque) section, please use the blue markers that lead to Brtníky.

Day one, afternoon: From the bus stop in Rynartice (Rynartice is a beautiful settlement with old cottages in the mountains, high above the rugged terrain of the ravines of Bohemian Switzerland), continue along the blue markers, in the direction of Brtníky. While still in town, you can take the turnoff down an unmarked path to the unwooded Křížový Hill (Cross Hill) with excellent views of Studenec, Jedlová, Chřibská, Jetřichovice rock formations, Růžák Hill, and Velký Zschirnstein in Saxon Switzerland. The blue markers lead north through forested paths to the meadow at Na Tokání, and less than 0.5 km further beneath the rock massifs to the former hunting lodges that now serve as accommodation facilities and restaurants. We find ourselves in the very heart of Bohemian Switzerland, in the Jetřichovice Cliffs. The trails through the rock formations here were built by the Kinský family in the mid-19th century. The area was described by associate Náhlík in the oldest guidebook for Bohemian Switzerland dating back to 1864. (The two-day option allows for an overnight stay at this location. If choosing the two-day option, do not miss visiting the Úzké Schody rock maze with rock passages and numerous ladders, on the yellow route. There and back, an additional 3 km.) The total for the first day is 5 km, with Úzké Schody, 8 km.

Day two: The blue marker continues down a winding road beneath the Vysoké Stěny (High Walls) and Vosí vrch (Wasp's Hill) rock formations to a crossroads at the former Panenská Jedle (Virgin Spruce), then through the Můstková Ravine to the transverse Divoká Ravine with a possible detour to the Černá Brána (Black Gate) rock formation. We are in the heart of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. An ascent follows through expansive forests and the foothills of Dravčí Skály (Raptor Rocks) (they are not visible in the forest growth) to Hadí Pramen (Snake Spring) and Vlčí Deska (Wolves' Plaque).

From Vlčí Deska, we descend fairly steeply along the green marked connecting trail to Křinice Valley to the former Niedermühle mill, a beautifully preserved building, one of the oldest in the Křinice Valley.

Further, along the right (German) shore of Křinice, we continue along the red markers on a forest trail high above Křinice to the Horní Splav (Upper Weir) Gorge. This is one of the most beautiful places in the area and the entire Czech/German border. Regular boat cruises with a German ferryman - from Easter through the end of October.

Continue further along the German blue route through Křinice Gorge to the rock tunnel in Vlčí Rokle (Wolfsschlucht/Wolf's Ravine) to an area with centuries-old spruce trees. At the fork beneath the Rabensteine cliffs, cross the bridge over the Křinice to a meadow, the location of the town of Zadní Jetřichovice until 1945. From here, follow the green markers at first along the Česká Cesta (Czech Road), then upward through Hluboký Důl (Deep Mine) along an asphalt road and then via paths and trails, with a steep climb at the finish and continuing forests to Mezní Louka to the hotel, parking lot, and bus stop. 23 km total.

Places of interest on the route:
Náhlík's Bohemian Switzerland guidebook from 1894 sold by České Švýcarsko o.p.s.
Hunting lodges at Na Tokání
Černá Brána
Vlčí Deska
Soutěska Křinice (Kirnitzschtalklamm/Křinice Ravine)
Boat rides at Obere Schleuse
Zadní Jetřichovice
Česká Silnice road

Route options:

Main route - Rynartice BUS STOP – Na Tokání 5 km – Panenská Jedle (Virgin Spruce) 9.5 km - Černá Brána (Black Gate) 12 km – Hadí Pramen (Snake Spring) 15,5 km – Vlčí Deska (Wolves' Plaque) - Niedermühle 16 km – Horní Splav (Upper Wier) 17.5 km – Křinice Gorge - Zadní Jetřichovice 22.5 km – Mezní Louka BUS STOP 28 km

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Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For experienced walkers

Higest Altitude: 

471 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

261 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

926 m

Path length: 

28 km

Time requirements: 

9 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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