Far-ranging views from the ridges of the Lusatian Highlands

  • On foot
  • Medium difficulty

Staré Křečany TRAIN STOP, BUS STOP – Prameny Mandavy (Mandava Springs) 3 – Zelený Kříž (Green Cross) 6 - Zlodějská Cesta (Thieves' Road), Pietschův Hill 11 – Vápenná Cesta (Limestone Road) – Zlodějská Cesta (Thieves' Road) - Tanečnice (Dancer) 18.5 – Mikulášovice lower TRAIN STATION 22

A trail along the lesser-known ridges of the Lusatia Highlands, alternating with stretches of meadow and forest sections and far-ranging views. The beginning features folk architecture in Nové Křečany.

Begin with a walk through the town of Staré Křečany along bicycle route No. 211 (past the interesting Church of St. John of Nepomuk 300 m on the right). At the intersection by the Vídeň Restaurant (St. Křečany, U Slovanské lípy bus stop), turn north up the small road toward Šluknov, after 500 m turn left along a paved road (NW direction) among the beautiful cottages of Nové Křečany, upward to a meadow on the green route along the ridge from Valdek to Hrazený. Follow the trail along the edge of the forest to the west to the turnoff for Prameny Mandavy (Mandava Springs). On the way, there are excellent views from Smrk in the Jizerský Mountains to Ještěd, Hvozd, Luž, and Jedlová to Studenec, with Vlčí Hora in the foreground.

At Prameny Mandavy, 515 m (Odra River Basin: in Žitava, the Mandava flows into the Nisa – Baltic Sea) there are benches for resting, and more views.

Return to the main route. The road leads through beautiful forests west along the watersheds of the North and Baltic Seas to the Zelený Kříž (Green Cross) crossroads, with a romantic location at the crossroad beneath Hrazený, the highest point of the Šluknov panhandle (we intersect with Route No. 17 here).

The route follows along the edge of a mountain meadow south along a new (since 2014) blue route that continues to trace the ridges to the destination of today's hike.

The path bends to the west and passes along Raimundův Kříž (Raimund's Cross) through deep mountain forests along the slopes of Plešný, and descends toward the road, past which it continues through another forest to the Brtníky – Mikulášovice thoroughfare, bordered by a several-kilometre-long tree-lined alley, and then turns south to the triangular Chapel of the Holy Trinity in its beautiful location on a meadow by the forest.

The blue route transects the Panský-Mikulášovice railroad track, and through forested paths turns west where it ascends from the forest into the meadows. The meadow path is marked with posts with signs. We walk along the so-called Zlodějská Cesta (Thieves' Road), from which unfold the expansive views of Vlčí Hora, Mount Ještěd, the Lusatian Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland with Rudolfův Kámen (Rudolf's Stone), Mount Růžák, the České Středohoří Mountains, Děčínský Sněžník, the nearby Weifberg with its lookout tower, Tanečnice (Dancer), and Valtenberg in Lusatia. We find ourselves on the bare ridge, on the so-called Pietschův Hill (two hundred metres to the right is the Mikulášovice Horní Nádraží train station, which can be reached through the meadow in just a few minutes - you must find a well-trodden or rutted path through the tall grass).

The path turns south and descends to the forest along a wide field road with nonstop views. It continues through the forest to the crossroads with the green route (Route No. 15). Walk further along to the west to the paved Vápenná Cesta (Limestone Road) to the crossroads with the yellow route (Hančberg) above Mikulášovice.

Follow Zlodějská Cesta once again to the west along a wide, flat path to the crossroads at Tomášov (there is a restaurant on the left, on the yellow route leading to Saxon Switzerland - Panoramaweg).

The blue route ascends along a wide path for 2 km to the forested summit of Tanečnice (596 m) with its cabin (food and drink) and stone lookout tower from the turn of the 20th century.

This is the northernmost lookout tower in the Czech Republic with 360-degree views of all of Northern Bohemia and into Saxony to the highlands between Lipsko and Dresden. A first-hand panorama of the rock formations of Saxon Switzerland that is not nearly as clear from any other point than it is from here.

The blue route descends rather steeply at first from the summit along forest paths north to the meadows near Mikulášovice. At the meadows, the route leads west, flanked on the right by lower Mikulášovice (the Balnika guest house is a short detour across the railroad tracks).

The route ends at the Mikulášovice lower train station, with connections via the National Parks Railroad line No. U28, direction of Sebnitz-Děčín or Šluknov, Rumburk, and even to Panský and Krásná Lípa on weekends.

Places of interest on the route:
The town of Staré Křečany
Prameny Mandavy (Mandava Springs)
Zelený Kříž (Green Cross) at Hrazený
Raimundův Kříž (Raimund's Cross) beneath Plešný
Chapel of the Holy Trinity in upper Mikulášovice
Zlodějská Cesta (Thieves' Road)
Tomášov beneath Tanečnice (Dancer)
Tanečnice lookout tower

Route options:

Main route - Staré Křečany - Mikulášovice

Variant 1 - Staré Křečany – Zelený Kříž – Brtníky 8 km

Variant 2 - Brtníky – Zelený Kříž – Zlodějská Cesta – Upper Mikulášovice 8 km

Variant 3 - Mikulášovice, centre – Tanečnice Hill - Sebnitz 8.5 km 


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

602 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

390 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

560 m

Path length: 

21 km

Time requirements: 

7 hodin / Stunden / hour

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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