A trail with views of the Lusatian borderlands between Bohemian Jiříkov and German Ebersbach - Variant 1

  • On foot
  • For beginner walkers
  • Medium difficulty

Filipov, basilika BUS STOP – Jiříkov 3.5 – Schlechteberg – Ebersbach 8 –Haineberg – Blockhaus 11.5 - Jitrovník 16.5 – Království BUS STOP 17.5- Valdek TRAIN STOP 20.5 km

Filipov – Jiříkov blue route: The bus stop is right by the basilica. The blue route comes from Rumburk (see hike No. 7). We set off along the blue route west past the former Jiříkov-Filipov train stop to Jiříkov. A city with its preserved half-timbered houses, St. George's Church, and town hall linked to the German towns of Ebersbach and Neugersdorf. The Spréva springs on the German side, and flows through the capital of Germany.

From the Jiříkov town hall, follow the yellow route down the road to the north across the border to Ebersbach. Immediately after the border crossing, there is a crossroads with the German red route.

You can take the red route at first to the right (east) across the road and take the bridge over the railroad tracks, and then continue upward along a forest footpath to the summit of Schlechteberg (485 m), about 1.5 km, with an interesting lookout tower (free access to the public, a drop box to deposit a 1 EUR fee, closed in 2014 for the reconstruction of the top floor, to be opened most likely in 2016). There is a panoramic view of Ebersbach, Jiříkov, Neugersdorf, the summits of Upper Lusatia, the Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd, and the Jizerské Mountains.

Return via the same path to the Jiříkov-Ebersbach border crossing.

The red route heads further west between the tidy houses and villas of Ebersbach up past the hospital to the rise of Haineberg with a restaurant (on the right hand side). There is a beautiful view from the border marker of the rolling forested landscape surrounding the border.

We set off downward along the border on a grassy trail between the houses of the hamlet of Hempel. Take the asphalt road into the fields (the border runs through the forest on the left hand side), and follow the signposts to the edge of the forest to the Blockhaus tourist restaurant (open daily except Tuesdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.).

You may rest here as needed, and then continue along the red route to the border. A very well-trodden unmarked path running alongside the border markers takes us west through beautiful forests to Černý Rybník (Black Pond), where there is a crossroads with the yellow route Království – Jitrovník – Černý Rybník - Neuspremberg swimming area (1 km from Černý Rybník, very nice) – Neusalza-Spremberg train station (2.5 km from Černý Rybník, Dresden – Ebersbach – Zittau line, LIBNET tickets valid, Labe-Elbe not valid).

From Černý Rybník continue further to Království along the yellow route. A wide path (at first bicycle route 3043 as well) leaves the border to head south, leading through expansive forests to the crossroads with the blue route to the so-called Jiříkovská Trail. Then continue upward to the south on the eastern slopes of Jitrovník to a former lodge.

The paved road descends through meadows (views of Šluknov, Království, Hrazený, lookout tower at Sohland, etc.) to the road (Jiříkov, Království, křížek bus stop), and across the road downward to the river valley. Here, head left along bicycle route 3042 (east) between the houses and cottages of the town of Království, and then across meadows to the south, finishing along the green route (Jiříkov – Valdek – Prameny Mandavy/Mandavy Springs) to the Valdek train stop, where the route ends.

Places of interest on the route:
Sněžná, church, arboretum
Nobilis Tilia
Köglerova Naučná Stezka nature trail
The hamlet of Vlčí Hora
Vlčí Hora lookout tower, history, and opening hours
Arboretum Kunratice
Karlovo Údolí
Šluknov with its chateau and stations of the cross
The town of Taubenheim with its sun dial

Route options:

Main route - Filipov, basilika BUS STOP – Jiříkov 3.5 – Schlechteberg – Ebersbach 8 –Haineberg – Blockhaus 11.5 - Jitrovník 16.5 – Království BUS STOP 17.5- Valdek TRAIN STOP 20.5 km

Variant 1 - Jiříkov BUS STOP – Ebersbach (without Schlechteberg) – Jitrovník – Království BUS STOP, measures 10,5 km.


Category Route: 

  • On foot


  • For beginner walkers
  • Medium difficulty

Higest Altitude: 

487 m. n. m.

Lowest Altitude: 

350 m. n. m.

Elevation Gain: 

268 m

Path length: 

9.9 km

Typ trasy: 

  • Car-free



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