Mission, objectives and history

The mission of the České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland) public service organisation is sustainable development of the Bohemian Switzerland region.

The main objectives of the organisation include the following:

  • Support of the environmental development of the region based on the protection of natural and cultural values
  • Support of the economic development of the region based on environmentally friendly tourism and positive presentation
  • Support of the social development of the region based on knowledge and education

These objectives are being fulfilled by implementing the basic programmes involving multiple projects.

The organisation pursues the following main programme branches:

  • protection of natural and cultural values
  • support of environmentally friendly tourism and cross-border co-operation
  • formulation and implementation of regional projects
  • promotional, informational and publication activities
  • education and awareness


The České Švýcarsko public service organisation was incorporated in the register of public service organisations administered by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem on 17 October 2001. Its creation was a response to the absence of an organisation that would coordinate and initiate activities exceeding the authority of the individual nature conservation and regional development bodies and entities. This coordination is a prerequisite of a balanced development of a region with such a high level of nature conservation as there is in Bohemian Switzerland.

Therefore, the public service organisation was established by the following founding entities shortly after the declaration of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park:

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